Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the strategic management and growth of the Corporation.

National Oil Board of Directors meet regularly to deliberate on various strategic business activities including business expansion, marketing, human resource development, finance and others as they emerge.

The National Oil Board of Directors is appointed by the Cabinet Secretary for Energy and Petroleum in accordance with the State Corporations Act and is eligible to serve for a 3 year renewable term. The Chairman is appointed by the President of the Republic.

Here are the current National Oil Board Members:

  • Ms. MaryJane Mwangi - Ag. Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Andrew Kamau - PS State Department of Petroleum
  • Dr. Kamau Thuge- PS The National Treasury
  • Eng. Stanley Kamau - Alternate to PS The National Treasury
  • Mr. Francis Wawiye - Alternate to PS Energy & Petroleum
  • Ms. Margaret Saitoti
  • Dr. Joseph Rotumoi
  • Mr. Kibuga Kariithi
  • Mr. Bernard Kitur Rono
  • Mr Samuel Gakunga
  • Mr. Tom Maina Macharia
  • Ms. Christine Mutinda
  • Mr. Peter Ngala Ekuleu