The Government of Kenya working with the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum through National Oil Corporation is rolling out a National LPG enhancement project dubbed Mwananchi Gas Project.


Under this project, 6Kg complete cylinders (gas, burner & grill), trading under the brand name “Gas Yetu”, is being distributed at a discounted price of Kshs 2000 to households which would otherwise not afford.


Besides the subsidy program, National Oil is developing a robust distribution model that will enable Kenyan citizens in all the counties access LPG at the nearest shopping center through licensed distributors and retailers.


The objectives of this project include:

  1. Enhance LPG penetration from approximately 10% currently to 70% within the next 3 years.
  2. Reduce respiratory diseases and mortality rates associated with household air pollution as a result of sustained use of firewood and charcoal
  3. Uplift the quality of life for the majority of Kenyan citizens by making clean cooking fuel (LPG) readily available.
  4. Reduce deforestation as beneficiaries move away from the use of biomass (charcoal & firewood)
  5. Promote entrepreneurship in the country by giving priority to Women, Youth and People living with disability to be a major part of the supply chain as distributors, retailers and brand ambassadors.


NB:  One Cylinder will be issued per eligible household.




  1. The Project is currently being piloted in Kajiado and Machakos Counties.
  2. This is targeted to Kenya citizens with valid Kenyan I.D card who would otherwise not afford the cylinder at retail market prices
  3. Registration booklets provided by National Oil are being used to facilitate registration at the chief’s offices.
  4. Individuals shall present themselves with their National I.Ds to the chiefs for registration.
  5. After registration at the Chiefs, the beneficiaries shall then avail themselves with their I.D and their registration forms at the distribution center for collection of the cylinder upon payment of the Kshs 2000.




Once the cylinder has been depleted of gas by the user, refills are available at appointed Gas Yetu retailers within their locality at a cost of Kshs. 900 per cylinder.


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